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Buscamos expertos/as en sector textil y moda para Costa de Marfil y Zambia

We are looking for experts for the “Feasibility study for the Development of the Fashionomics Online Platform” that will take place for three months starting on February 2016 approx. in the Ivory Coast and Zambia. The professional experts we are looking for are:

1. Market Research Specialist (Team Leader)

The Team Leader shall be a market research specialist with excellent knowledge in developing online interactive platforms in developing countries.  In addition, s/he should have experience in the textile and fashion sector in Africa. S/he shall be responsible for the overall management of the study, ensuring that the research and design phases reflect a proper understanding of the sector and the issues that the Bank is trying to address. Familiarity with existing platforms targeting job creation in Africa is required.  S/he should also have a firm grasp on the forms of statistical data which would be useful for an assessment of women and youth entrepreneurs.

2. User Experience (UX) Researcher

The User Experience Researcher shall be responsible for providing advice to the Team Leader on the design of the research phase and the appropriate research tools to use. S/he will also be responsible for the conduct of the research phase and the presentation of findings based on the information obtained. S/he should be familiar with market research in sub-Saharan Africa and would, ideally, be fluent in both English and French.  Significant experience of research design is required and should be demonstrated, alongside examples of past projects and outcomes. S/he will be driving user research activities such as gathering data for creating user personas, task lists and scenarios Demonstrated proficiency with empirical research methods and quantitative and qualitative analysis. 

3. Fashion Market Research Specialist

S/he will be providing insightful business analysis and analytical support to the Team Leader and should be familiar with fashion market research in Africa. S/he should have some professional marketing experience, 2-3 years of qualitative and quantitative research projects and product launch, customer research initiatives in Africa. S/he shall have experience with the way to identify and analyse market trends, leverage data and market research for understanding the business trends in the fashion sector, especially in Africa.  Creative out of the box thinking for identifying cutting edge innovation and tested and true marketing tactics is a must. Strong communication skills/he will also have experience of developing 'retail' platforms targeting the mass market. Ideally, be fluent in both English and French.

Interested candidates can send your cv to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

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